Google search leads me to former Storm player skating on head

I have a habit of typing random names from my memory bank into a Google search to see what I find.

The other day I recalled the name Konrad Reeder. This former Tri-City Storm hockey player was one of the first star players for the franchise, and I was surprised to see what I found.

Reeder played in the Storm’s inaugural season and helped the team grow in popularity from the beginning.


Konrad Reeder

I remember him mostly because he was about my height. Well, my height when I was in middle school. Unofficially, I found out he was 5’9″ back in 2000. The former Storm goal scorer was probably a favorite of mine because he was no taller than me, but a stud in his own right.

Looking at the Storm record books, Reeder has his name all over the scoring marks. He is second in most goals sco

red in an individual game with three, a feat which he accomplished five times. In the 2000-01 season he scored  three or more goals on four different occasions. He also holds career records in goals, 60, and power-play goals, 22.
So what did I find when I Googled this Storm pioneer? A man who not only scored the puck, but also skated on his head.

This video is from December 2007 and features Reeder as a two star selection while playing for a hockey team in New Mexico. You can see his amazing trick at the 1:10 mark.

What will another random Google search reveal to me next?

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