High school football… a breath of fresh air

High school football is here. Breath it in, it always goes down smooth.

In a summer filled with lockouts, scandal and blah, blah, blah…. I am ready for some pure and simple football.

Nebraska high school football won’t be on any bull television channel, the athletic directors aren’t going to lockout the players and the athletes aren’t going to be paid to play.

In a sports world where money and motivation go hand in hand, I have lost all motivation to hand any money to the NFL, the NCAA or the players.

I don’t mind spending $6 on a Friday night to watch two teams filled with players who want to represent their school and try as best as they can to execute the x’s and o’s.

For me, the 2011 prep football season makes me appreciate the game in it’s purest form. It might not be the best football played in the world, but I just want to see some  guys hit each other and not worry about politics and fantasy points.

I’ve attended games where a big green John Deere tractor has driven by the football field during the middle of the national anthem. The tractor cruised down on gravel road kicking up the dirt in the sun light almost giving the illusion of a rockets red glare. I considered that the small town version of the fly over. Really, who needs fighter planes to zoom overhead?

So unlike certain ESPN analysts, turn off your BlackBerry, iPhone and pager (if they even make those anymore) and go out and enjoy some football.

Why spend an arm and a leg to watch Southern California play when you can pay a low price and watch Southern Valley.

Take a deep breath, it is Friday night and the ball is about to be kicked off the tee.

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